I have completed the oil tank design designs, again with great help from Alex at Pro-Alloy, who has given me excellent feedback on all aspects of the tank design especially in respect of getting it to fit into the original square frame. And now the tank is being manufacture. Capacity of this tank for the 964 3.6L engine is 15 Litres. But this can be increased to 20 or even up to the original capacity of 30 Litres. It is almost square in PV, to fit into the original 917 tank location. It is fully baffled and has a removable top to aid cleaning.

The rest of the oil system is designed, but have to design the mounting brackets, order the components, and get the engine and oil cooler pipes manufactured.

Fuel Tank Design, text and CAD images

  • Oil-tank-CAD-image-1
  • Oil-tank-CAD-image-2
  • Oil-tank-CAD-image-3
  • Oil-tank-CAD-image-4
  • Oil-tank-iso

917 Sub Sections

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