Wheel Machining 001First set of machined rims, 8.5" front and 14" rears, to take road legal tyres. I will add a detailed post of the wheel design and development next weekend..

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GKN Competition Driveshafts 001We have added a new section called Drive Shafts. The new GKN Competition Driveshafts have now arrived. More information to follow soon.  

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Body Shell Surface  Development 002We have added a new section called Body Shell Surface Development to explain the tasks we faced while obtaining a correct scan of a shell which was drafted and manufactured some 10 years before CAD ever existed.

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Windscreen Development  (002)Windscreens. Not a straight forward subject, and one that I have had many questions on during the project development. So I thought I would add a selection of photos and CAD images, that show the windscreen development. from the initial scan of the bodyshell.

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suspension-wishbone-jig-001It has taken nearly 6 months of evenings and weekends to design and set-up the drawings for the suspension components for the Porshe 917...and finally those designs are starting to become a reality.

ARRK started manufacture of the suspension wishbone jig at the beginning of December. We had one or two minor issues, but so far the jig and wishbones are building exactly as CAD.

Having had a chat with Anthony (the ARRK technician and fabricator) we decided to tack together a full set of LHS & RHS fronts and both the LHS & RHS original short rears for 17" track rims & tyres and the extended longs for the 14" road rims and tyres.

The completed set of tacked wishbones coincided with the delivery of the first set of NC uprights which arrived early January, and then we completed a pre-assembly to check that everything fitted the chassis, and is dimensionally correct to CAD. After the final welding of the wishbones, the machined rims, stub axles, brakes, and GKN competition half shafts all arrived between mid to late January.

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