Below are a selection of photos of the BTB manufactured system, along with some CAD images of the design. BTB had to move away from the CAD models slightly to optimize the position of the vertical silencers, but they have packaged as envisaged and although that moved the tailpipes closer together by 40mm, it has still enabled the exhausts to look visually correct from the rear.

As one of the key requirements was not to compromise the rear view with unsightly exhaust boxes, but still needed silencers to meet IVA noise requirements.

I designed the transverse mounting bracket to be visually similar to the originals, but effectively a dummy, as this is mounted to the silencers and then the tail pipes are mounted to this. But the silencers are mounted top and bottom to the chassis, so effectively support the rest of the system.

BTB also manufactured removable IVA compatible tail pipe extensions. And an unsilenced system, so no Cats or silencers! So assuming I can find a track with no noise requirements, it should sound rather good. As we also managed to package a balance pipe on both the silenced and unsilenced systems.

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