John delivered the rebuilt engine and we then assembled to the inverted G50 using my bespoke offset stud adaptors. And to remove the heavy dual mass flywheel, the G50 is matted to the engine using a 964RS flywheel manufactured by TTV Racing in Ipswich. And what a beautiful piece of machining artwork!

Also the original cam covers were corroded, so I purchased a set of solid billet machined brushed red cam covers (believe RennSport parts) from a local company in Hutton "911Design". Very glad I managed to get these, as able to fit before installation! I have a few minor jobs to complete on the engine, which require parts from Porsche GB, and a couple of bespoke parts to design and have machined to close-off open apertures. Next major step is to do a preliminary fit of the Jenvey injection system.

Engine Rebuilt & Installed

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