Passenger Seat Design and Moulds

Steve Tillet had developed the driver's seat for me, based on our 40 deg seat buck, and his seat is perfect. But the pass seat had to now fit between the optimized driver's seat position and the inboard chassis tubes.

So first step to package the driver seat belt mounts, was to build a CAD model of the Tillet seat. So 2 options, scan the driver's seat or make profile templates, and convert this into CAD. Scanning is the high tech process, but cardboard templates was the quick process!

Once I had the driver's seat model and belt package completed, I then modified the width and length of the driver's seat CAD to package on the pass side, with a slight local recess to package the handbrake.
Then as with all the bucks I developed a set of interlocking templates, which Tel then cut from 12mm ply. Once locked together Tel filled in the gaps between the templates and ran the first layer of filler. Needs a couple more of days of prep, and then we will lay-up the pass seat. Just hope it's wide enough!

  • CAD-Driver--Pass-seats
  • Mould-primed-1
  • Mould-primed-2
  • Pass-Seat-assembled-templates
  • Pass-seat-buck-Iso-hidden
  • Pass-seat-buck-Iso

  • Pass-seat-buck-side-view
  • Pass-seat-handbrake-cutout

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