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To get a dash board that was as similar as possible to the originals, required designing first designing the dash using the many photos available, and working with the CAD model of the windscreen hoop. Once the surface designs were completed, I designed a wood template frame that slotted together, and formed the basis of the dash board mould. We then filled the sections between the wood templates, and smoothed the surface to be able to lay-up and take a flash off this mould. And finally we made a 15mm soft wood frame for the lower edge of the passenger side of the IP as required by IVA.

But overall the finished dash board looks excellent and very representative of the original cars.

  • 160210-completed-dash-buck
  • CAD-pod-with-dash-panel-2
  • CAD-pod-with-dash-panel-with-screen-2
  • CAD-pod-with-dash-panel
  • CAD-pod
  • Dash-Pod-2

  • Dash-buck
  • Dash-pod-with-templates-2
  • Dash-pod-with-templates-3
  • Dash-pod-with-templates
  • Tel-dash-before-paint-1
  • Tel-dash-before-paint-2

  • Tel-dash-before-paint-3
  • dash-pod-to-Screen-B-side

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