We displayed our Icon 917K at the 2017 LCCS as a fully assembled rolling chassis. Two years on and I received a call from the LCCS team asking if we wanted to display again. But as now our 917 was up and running reliably, my reply was “let me drive the car up and down the Grand Avenue”, to which they said OK.

My major concern was if I could make the 180 deg turn without having to select reverse. So off to the show on the Thursday morning to do a couple of practice cruises up and down the avenue, in preparation for the press day display in the afternoon. And with help from the excellent marshals the 180 deg turn at the end was no issue. Then 2 runs on each of the following 3 days, and our 917 was reliable, even though the fans would not kick in, which was easily sorted by programming the ECU. The 917 got an excellent response and made it into the Telegraph Lifestyle magazine.

2019 London Classic car Show-Grand Avenue

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